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GITA ANZ Strategic Plan document


Message from the President

On behalf of the Board of the Geospatial Information & Technology Association Australia & New Zealand (GITA ANZ), I am pleased to present the GITA ANZ Strategic Plan for 2013 – 2016. GITA ANZs’ vision is to remain highly relevant to its members through the provision of timely and informative material, driven by leadership and the facilitation of learning and networking forums to share ideas, lessons learnt and raise the overall knowledge base of the spatial industry.

The intended audience includes GITA ANZ members, industry practitioners, global GITA affiliates, and other like-minded spatial associations within Australia and New Zealand. The plan also presents the blueprint for current and future Boards to ensure decisions that affect the association are aligned with GITA’s strategic direction, priorities and action items.

This rolling three-year Plan represents a forecast outlook to 2016. GITA ANZ priorities and actions will be continually monitored and the strategy revised on an annual basis with a major review every three years.

Feedback and comments are welcome and may be directed by e-mail to: The online version of this document may be accessed at the link below.

I wish to thank all who contributed to the formation of this document, including members of the Board and all GITA ANZ members and other industry practitioners who responded to our 2012 association survey. Information received from these surveys along with relevant consultation has informed the Plan’s development.

The Plan represents a set of priorities and actions to address the key areas identified as being most important by our industry and ensure that GITA ANZ remains relevant and provides ongoing value as the industry association for anyone who uses geospatial technology to plan, design, develop, manage, and operate infrastructure.









Antoine Burdett


Geospatial Information & Technology Association ANZ