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GITA ANZ Representation on the

NSW Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI)

The GITA ANZ representative on BOSSI is Mr Bruce Douglas of Corporate GIS Consultants.
Bruce is also a Past-President of GITA ANZ and has been an active contributor to the Australian spatial industry for many years.

Previous representatives on BOSSI include Craig Hersant of EnergyAustralia and Ron Lister, formerly of Railcorp.

Role and Functions (pdf)
NSW Spatial Council - Structures and Strategic Plan (pdf)

BOSSI Strategic Plan (pdf)

Click here to visit the BOSSI website

BOSSI UPDATE 7/11/2012

Bruce Douglas (GITA ANZ BOSSI representative) attended a NextGDatum workshop at LPI (whom are on BOSSI) in Bathurst, 23-24 Oct. 2012. The objective of this workshop was:

  1. To provide key NSW stake holders with an awareness of the proposal for a next generation datum in Australia, consider the broad costs and benefits at both scientific and practical levels.
  2. To receive initial feedback from stakeholders and develop key NSW principles for ICSM to make informed decisions on the proposal.

While this was focused on NSW, it has national relevance – e.g. Geoscience Australia was present as well as CRCSI and representatives from ACT. The outcome from the NSW process will be used as a feed into similar processes in Queensland, Victoria etc.

The agenda as well as a brief summary is linked here for more details.

Bruce Douglas highlighted the needs of utilities during the summary time at the end of the first day.